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Virtual Church Conflict – July 10th, 9.30-4.30pm, St Michael’s Centre

Mon 10 July

Virtual Church Conflict

Email & Social Media

As part of our series of special interest groups we are glad to be able to offer training for those who use social media (Clergy and Laity). The day will take place on July 10th and will run from 9.30 – 4.30 at The St Michael’s Centre. Please contact Mrs Briony Davies brionydavies@churchinwales.org.uk to book a place – there are 23 places available on this course.

The challenge

In the thirty years since the internet was launched, electronic media have taken

over the way human beings communicate. One result is that email and (more

recently) social networking have become an everyday part of church life.

There are huge benefits, but there are problems too. Misunderstanding and

offence can always spring up where communication is careless, but now

disagreements in church life have a whole new face. Churches have bitter

experience of the damage done by ill-considered emails and social media

postings — which can be the spark that lights a fire, or the fuel that helps

stoke it up.

This all present’s challenges — both spiritual and practical — for people in

pastoral leadership. How to model and encourage wise use of written words?

How to respond to conflicts that seem to spring up out of nowhere? What

policies or systems to adopt as conflict-prevention measures? What biblical

insights to draw on?



Running from 9.30 to 4.30, the programme includes worship, presentations, case-studies, and hands-on skills training.

– Review your own use of electronic communication, and devise a personal list of dos and don’ts

– See how inappropriate communication may be part of a wider pattern of behaviour

– Add to your tool-kit of possible responses

– Plan how to help your church explore the whole business of responsible electronic communication


Mon 10 July