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Unlike play, programmes have the goal that once setup they continue indefinately, such as: Kids Church, Youth Groups and family services. Similarly to previous resources, how-to guides and reports will be produced to help the implementation of programmes in MA's.Objective – to create lasting programmes that deliver high quality opportunities for faith based exploration.

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Kids Church

Kids Church should provide a fun and engaging way to connect with God. It aims to develop child like faith in a similar way to how Jesus did. We recognise how challenging this can be in a digital world.-How to set up a kids church-Safeguarding-Provision page

Message Bus

The Message Bus is a mobile youth centre which, through partnering with local churches, runs projects in communities and can be used to launch or work alongside youth groups. Every young person that steps onboard gets to hear the gospel and the chance to connect with their local church.-The Message Bus-Here is our report

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Please contact if you need any further supportProgrammes enquiries: enquiries: us on IG: youngfaithmatters