Diocesan Conference 2016

EU migrants help sustain our economy – Archbishop

EU migrants help sustain St Teilo's Church in Wales High Schoolour economy and health service, says the Archbishop of Wales.  Dr Barry Morgan said there was a lot of misunderstanding and prejudice about migrants in the UK.

In his final address to members of the Llandaff Diocesan Conference, he pointed out that most of the EU migrants who cameto the UK last year came with a job offer and in the previous year had paid £3.1billion in tax – five times more than they received in benefits.

 “Of the 270,000 EU migrants who came to the UK in 2015, 200,000 came with a job offer and in 2013-14 paid £3.1billion in tax – five times more than they received in benefits.  They are, in other words, net contributors to the British economy and our Health Service would be in a parlous state without them both in terms of not having the more mundane and menial tasks done but also in terms of fewer doctors and consultants, many of whom are Europeans.

Diocesan Confernce 2016

“The Christian faith is about loving God and our neighbours and it is often in and through our neighbours, be they far or near, that we encounter God.  The face of God comes to us in many guises but according to the Bible it is encountered especially in the poor
and the strangers within our gates.”

Dr Morgan was speaking at the diocesan conference held at St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School, Cardiff at the weekend.

He also drew attention to the plight and number of refugees in the world.

 “The United Nations estimates that at the end of 2015, 65 million people were refugees or asylum seekers – that is more than the total population of the UK.  We, as a church, have a crucial role to play in trying to eliminate expressions of hatred and xenophobia which seem to be on the increase.

“The Christian faith compels us to affirm the dignity of every human being and
to offer help to anyone in need.  Britain has always in the past shown generosity, kindness, solidarity and decency to those facing persecution, even at times of
greater deprivation and difficulty than the present time.  In May this year, in a survey by Amnesty International, 83% of Britons said they would welcome refugees into their neighbourhoods and households.”

“We have to remember that refugees are people fleeing for their lives, without any means of support.”

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