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‘Diocese’ refers to the geographical territory in which a bishop exercises oversight. The Church in Wales is divided into six dioceses each with its own cathedral in which is housed the cathedra (the bishop’s ‘chair’ or ‘throne’).

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What is sadness? Why do we feel sad? How can faith support sadness and help us to move forward?

Bethan Bowen, Religious Education Lead, at St David's Primary School, Cardiff has written a series of lesson suggestions. These can be taught as one off lessons or through a focused week on journeying through sadness.

Lesson 4 is written by Christoph Auckland, Senior Outreach Officer for the Diocese of Llandaff.

We want to encourage children to know that it's ok not to be ok and allow them to express their sadness. We also want them to think about what might guide and help them through times of sadness.

Lesson Suggestions


Reverend Rose Hill presents a worship on how can we help children cope when something bad happens in the world. Suitable for primacy schools Reverend Rose, discusses understanding feelings and how we can talk about things that make us sad or uncertain. This may be particularly helpful when thinking about the current situation in Ukraine. Click here for the link to the BBC video Poppies referenced in the worship. You can follow Reverend Rose on Twitter @RoseHill797 for more worships and top tips.

Linking with your Church

We are asking schools to write their own laments. These may be written as individuals or as a group or class. We are then asking churches to share these laments during their services or online. The children may like to attend the service to read their lament or they may like to send it to the church. We want to offer as many opportunities as possible for children to express their feelings to God and for their prayers to be heard by the wider community.

Marie Curie National Day of Reflection

On 23rd March the diocese will be taking part in a time of silence as part of the Marie Curie National Day of Reflection. Schools may like to light a candle on this day and take some time think about how they felt during the pandemic. We are mindful that this would need to be handled sensitively and each school may want to adapt this silent reflection according to their particular context. If you do take part please link up with the diocese by letting us know on twitter and tagging @llandaffed @llandaffdio and @mariecurieuk