Financial support for your church during Coronavirus

With our buildings now closed for public worship and private prayer, we’re all naturally concerned about the financial sustainability of our churches. Overnight, how we serve our communities has changed.

The work of the church continues – online or over the phone and when we do open our doors once more, we will continue to be a much needed presence in our communities.
It’s vital that we work together to find solutions to minimise the inevitable financial impact. The problem that parishes and the DBF share is the fact we still have expenses; we have stipends to pay, buildings to maintain and promises to keep. And with buildings closed income is reduced.

How you can help

We are asking only one thing from you. If you have reserves, now is the time to draw on them. They are there to provide a financial fall back and it is time to open our hearts, open the stores and give that what God has provided.

The £4.2m that we received in parish share last year went not to fund a central office but towards the £4.8m required to pay for clergy. The living church funds its living expenses, and there are very real consequences if that flow of funds is disrupted.

DBF commitment

We too are under pressure but thankfully, unlike many businesses, we are not having to lay off staff. However, the DBF is carefully monitoring its finances to stick to its long term aim of balancing the budget.

That is why we are freezing recruitment, in particular with roles relating to the implementation of the Vision. We will do our best to honour our current obligations to clergy appointments that are already underway. In addition, we shall be looking at cost cutting and saving money in order that we continue to serve our communities at this most anxious time.

Increasing generosity

You may wish to add these words to your social media posts and website and highlight ways your members to can give generously..

We rely on donations to provide care and support to everyone in this community – even when our buildings are closed. Now more than ever, please consider giving generously to support our mission and ministry. Thank you for your support.

Direct Giving

Direct Giving remains the best way for people to give to the church and is now available to sign up online. If you are emailing your members or live streaming services please encourage people to sign up to Direct Giving and share the link to the Church in Wales website.

Text to Give

Make giving an easy option by setting up a Text to Give account, which allows people to donate to your church using their mobile phone. By displaying your unique code on fundraising literature or business cards – people can text a donation amount (usually £5, £10, £15) to your church account.

When live streaming services – or pre-recording videos – include the code and ask them to donate. Read Parish Resources quick start guide for more information.


Paypal is easy and secure way for people to send money to your church account. Set up an account, add the Paypal button to your website and ask people to donate a set amount (£5, £10, £15).

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

You may be eligible to claim for your employee’s wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Visit Gov.UK to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

Parish Resources are collating all the queries they’ve received. The FAQ document will be updated regularly.