Get involved in the Year of Pilgrimage

For churches

The best place to start is to download the 2020 Year of Pilgrimage booklet. Here you’ll find plenty of ideas to inspire your pilgrimage planning.

Many parishes are already organising their own pilgrimage. For example, the Parish of Radyr are journeying to The Holy Land while Roath Parish organised a torch-lit Advent Pilgrimage. And each archdeaconry is organising a joyful Celebration Day. Let’s embrace the Year of Pilgrimage and make 2020 a memorable year for our church communities.

Pilgrimage into the community

During 2020 the churches of this diocese are making a deliberate effort to go out into our communities and to share a joyful story!  Three sets of pilgrim items will be launched from the diocese on Sunday 12th January and will be making their way around every church in the diocese. When a church has the items, it will be their turn to go into their communities to make as much noise a they can to share with people their joyful stories.

For schools

Schools have their very own Pilgrim Bear setting out on an epic pilgrimage. Pilgrim Bear will be leaving Llandaff Cathedral on Sunday 12th January to travel all over the diocese, to St Brides Major, Aberdare, Butetown, Neath, and many other schools throughout 2020.

When the Bear visits a school, it is their turn to help Pilgrim Bear continue its journey. They will take the bear and show it around their local church, and then take it on a pilgrimage somewhere else, which might be a school trip, it could be a hike, or it could be as simple as a walk around the school grounds. The important thing it that the children help Pilgrim Bear along on its pilgrimage. Prizes for the best photo of Pilgrim Bear – so get snapping!

Resources will also be available soon to support teachers as they prepare the children to help Pilgrim bear and engage with pilgrimage themselves.


For groups and individuals

2020 is time for personal reflection and a time to to embark on your own faith journey. Join us at one of our Celebration Days, take part in the Llandaff & Monmouth Festival of Prayer or embark on your own spiritual journey.

Personal pilgrimage course

We have prepared a personal pilgrimage course that can help you explore your own spiritual journey. Download your Personal Pilgrimage guide and begin your journey today.

As we grow in our faith in Christ our lives become a pilgrimage. We journey with God, seeking to know him better, to understand him more truly, to encounter him more often, to live for his glory as we strive towards holiness.

As we travel in faith, we will find that we are all at different places along the road, going at different paces, facing different experiences, meeting different people along the road, but in faith we are all heading towards the same location. Heading to our inheritance promised to us by God. This isn’t a pilgrimage that requires us to reach a certain point before our time is up, for our arrival is assured through the death and resurrection of Jesus, what matters is that we are on that journey striving to move forward in our Christian faith.

Take time to seek to know God more fully, to grow in our knowledge and love of him, and to reflect on our own joyful stories of his work throughout our lives.

Festival of Prayer 2020

Join us for a day exploring prayer and spirituality at the Llandaff and Monmouth Festival of Prayer on Saturday 11 July at St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School. Expect a day packed with inspirational speakers, workshops and worship.