Giving for Life Resources

Additional diocesan resources to support the Giving for Life programme can be found by clicking the links below:

Just staring out: Giving for Life 8 point summary,  PCC questionnaire (in Welsh and English), and the Parish Giving questionnaire (in Welsh and English) are useful places to begin.

The 8 point plan:

  1. Preach and Teach Regularly about giving in the context of discipleship.
  2. Clearly communicate that giving to the church enables the mission and ministry that flows from it. (in Welsh and English)
  3. Hold some form of annual review of giving. Personal and church finances work on an annual basis, and so it is good to help people review their giving once a year.
  4. Say Thank You. This values givers, and provides another opportunity to see how their giving supports the work of the church.
  5. Agree a legacy policy and communicate this to the congregation
  6. Claim Gift Aid regularly, including the Small Donations Scheme
  7. Use the Parish Buying Service to help the church take advantage of its scale.
  8. Use the Gift Direct Scheme (in Welsh and English)

More resources will be added to this site as they are developed, watch this space!