Help Shape The Future

Elections take place this year for three key diocesan bodies – Diocesan Conference, Diocesan Standing Committee and Diocesan Board of Finance. This is a once in three years’ opportunity to get the right people to represent you, with all posts running for three years.


What is the Diocesan Conference?

It has lay representatives from every parish and deanery plus all clerics who hold the Bishop’s licence, and is a key way of sharing what’s going on in the Diocese. Meeting annually on the last Saturday in September, it looks back over the previous year and forward to new and exciting ventures. It approves key diocesan policies such as the new Fairer Share Scheme, and can influence the whole Church in Wales – a 2013 motion on support for food banks went all the way to the Governing Body! Diocesan Conference members also elect diocesan representatives on key committees such as the Electoral College, the Diocesan Board of Finance and the Governing Body of the Church in Wales.

What’s expected of you

• An interest in what’s going on in the Diocese and the wider Church in Wales
• Attendance at the annual conference
• Feedback to your church, taking back key messages
• Vote on diocesan business

How to join

• Talk to the current reps from your parish and deanery
• Check that you’re eligible – there’s a place for at least one lay person from each parish or Ministry Area, but they have to be a communicant member of the Church in Wales.
• Get yourself elected at your Annual Vestry Meeting or Deanery AGM


What is the Standing Committee?

The Standing Committee is elected by deaneries from members of the Diocesan Conference. It works with the Archbishop to shape diocesan policy, to agree changes to parish boundaries – including the creation of Ministry Areas – and to provide a diocesan response to key issues facing the Church in Wales. It also appoints diocesan representatives to key committees such as the Standing Committee of the Governing Body. The Standing Committee has one clerical rep and one lay rep from each Deanery elected by the Deanery Conference.

What’s expected of you

• Attendance at three meetings a year plus Diocesan Conference
• An understanding of how the diocese works or a willingness to learn

How to get elected

• Talk to the current reps from your deanery
• Get yourself elected to the Diocesan Conference
• Ask your Area Dean how to stand for election at the Deanery Conference


What is the Diocesan Board of Finance?

The Diocesan Board of Finance looks after the financial resources of the Diocese to ensure that the mission of the Church can be supported now and in the future. With an annual budget approaching £5m, it needs members from each Archdeaconry with appropriate skills and experience. The Diocesan Conference elects members of the Diocesan Board of Finance, but you don’t necessarily need to be a member of the Diocesan Conference to be elected to the Board.

What’s expected of you

• Attendance at four meetings a year
• Experience or interest in financial or property matters

How to get elected

• Talk to the current reps from your Archdeaconry
• Check that you’re eligible – clerics have to be members of the Diocesan Conference, lay members have to be on the electoral roll of any parish in the Diocese
• Contact the Diocesan Secretary ( for a nomination form


Think you could make a difference at Provincial level in the Church in Wales?

We’ll also be electing members to the Governing Body and the Electoral College this year. Look out for more information coming to parishes in the summer.