Reader Ministry

All are called…

“God has called you by name and made you his own.”

All Christians are called by God. He calls us to be disciples of Jesus and to continue his mission in the world. Some will also be called to particular ministries in the church as deacons, priests, bishops, monks, nuns, evangelists, readers, lay eucharistic ministers and a variety of other ministries.

Readers are called…

The particular work of the Reader is to teach the Christian faith. Readers communicate the faith by:

  • proclaiming the word;Readers
  • helping people learn and grow as Christians;
  • preparing and leading worship;
  • caring for the people they serve.

Readers equip others to witness locally and wherever Christians work or have influence.
Their particular role is to enable worshipping communities to make connections between faith, ordinary life and world concerns.

There are many ways of being a Reader…

Readers are licensed by the Bishop. They work with local clergy, other ministers and all the people of God, sharing in the ministry of Christ and equipping others.

The special role of Readers is to help the whole people of God to live and make sense
of all life as disciples of Jesus.

There is an increasingly wide variety of ways in which Readers do this, for example:

  • Supporting people in making connections
  • between faith and daily life
  • Taking school assemblies
  • Leading informal worship
  • Hospital and prison visiting and chaplaincy
  • Leading small groups and bible studies
  • Training and supporting group leaders
  • Funerals
  • Teaching others to pray and leading prayer groups

The church needs people of many different ages and backgrounds as Readers.

The Diocesan Warden for Readers is the Revd Caroline Downs.