Clergy are expected to take part in life-long learning and development. The Diocese of Llandaff and The Church in Wales offer training in the following ways:

Initial Ministerial Education (IME) 4-7 for the first three years of a curacy.

Reverend Zoë King

Continuing Ministerial Development

At Diocesan level Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) or support  and development for those in Ministry is promoted and coordinated by the Diocesan Director of Ministry and Discipleship. Clergy are asked to attend at least two events per year.

Revd. Canon Richard Lowndes

Special Interest Groups

As well as Diocesan CMD we currently have a series of Special Interest Groups on offer which are available to any delegates with Parish responsibilities in these areas to attend.

Provincial CMD

Llandaff Diocese joins with the other dioceses across Wales for Provincial CMD Training

Reverend Rosie Dymond

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) Grants: There are annual grants available on application to the Director of Ministry for stipendiary clergy. Grants may also be available for other Licensed Ministry. Grants will only be awarded to meet role related training needs; training will be approved from well recognised training bodies.

Lay Training

Sharing and Learning Together Courses

Living and Learning – Leading Worship

Living and Learning – Living Scripture

Provincial training programme

Here you will find many of the training opportunities provided by the Church in Wales.

Booklet pdf / docx

  • IME A1: Training for Training Incumbents
  • IME A2: Training for Curates and their Training Incumbents
  • IME A3: Reflection on Priesthood
  • IME A4: Reflection on Eucharist
  • IME A5: Buildings, Schools and Community
  • IME A6: Preparation for Post of First Responsibility
  • Continuing Ministerial Development
  • Mid-Ministry
  • Pre-Retirement
  • Making Peace with Conflict
  • Archdeacons Training
  • Lay Training
  • Church Care & Maintenance
  • Grants & Funding
  • Quinquennial Inspections & Reports
  • Faculties, Permissions & Building Contracts
  • The Development & Community Use of Church Buildings
  • Statements of Significance and Justification
  • External Training Providers
  • Coaching for Excellence
  • How to Get the Best Out of Your Ministerial Development Review
  • Organising Work and Time
  • Make Meetings Work
  • Appreciating Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Successful Change
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Diocesan Training
  • Mission Shaped PCC’s
  • Preaching on the Old Testament:
  • Gender Awarenss Training
  • Christian-Muslim Relations in 21st Century Britain
  • The Sociology of Religion in 21st Century Britain
  • Vocations CMD Day
  • Personal Safety for Church People
  • A Priesthood of Both Sexes: Negotiating the Gender Gap?
  • Covenanting for Mission: Exploring ‘The Gathering’
  • Postgraduate Training
  • MTh in Theology
  • Safeguarding Awareness Training