Mission and Ministry

There was a time not so long ago when ‘ministry’ was synonymous with what the clergy did. The clergy were the┬áprofessionals, and everyone else received ministry from them.
It is now widely agreed that┬áthe privilege of ministry is one that is open to all God’s people, and that there are very few aspects of the Church’s activity that are exclusively reserved for its clergy.

In any parish an enormous amount of ‘informal’ ministry is carried out every day, by people who show something of God’s love to those around them in small, often practical, ways.

But the Church also needs its recognised, authorised ministries, and the Diocese has structures to encourage and facilitate their development.

Pastoral Care

Many parishes now have organised visiting teams, and the Diocese can assist in the setting up of these.

Licensed Readers

The title is, perhaps, something of a misnomer, as Readers are licensed and equipped to do much more than just read! Probably their most visible form of ministry is that of preaching, though in many parishes they will also be closely involved in the organisation of its pastoral care, leadership, etc.
The Diocesan Warden for Readers is the Revd Caroline Downs.

Ordained Ministry

The Church in Wales stands within the tradition of the catholic Church, and retains its threefold order of ministry of Deacon, Priest, and Bishop.