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Stories shared at The Time Is Now

More than 30 delegates from the Llandaff Diocese attended the landmark the Time Is Now conference in Llandudno which shared ideas on the future of the Church in Wales.

They joined delegates from the five other dioceses for the two-day event which explored how major change was happening across the province as part of the Church’s 2020 Vision – its strategy of growth for the future.

Starting on Friday afternoon and running until Saturday afternoon, all six dioceses shared stories about what was happening in their areas.

The three sessions were themed on ‘Where are we?’ a Time of Hope and Change, ‘Who are we?’ Are there enough of us? Shaping ourselves to serve the people of Wales  and  ‘Why are we? What is Church for? Following introductions and presentations, delegates went into discussion groups to discuss the various topics.2020 Vision discussion group

In the opening session on Friday, Canon Richard Lowndes from Llandaff told delegates that we should not all be working harder but working more effectively.

“Implementation is the hardest and most important bit. Jesus does not call us as disciples to never change, to stand still, he calls us to go out and proclaim the gospel,” said Canon Lowndes.(pictured below)Canon Richard Lowndes, 1

Mrs Lesley Cox, Llandaff Children’s adviser and regional co-ordinator for Messy Church told conference of the work being done with Messy Church.

“Lay people are doing a great job with Messy Church. We have a huge resource in the church with people lets dare to use them,” urged Lesley.(below)Lesley Cox (Time)

On the Saturday the Diocese of Llandaff shared about the Ministry Area Conversations (MACs) currently being rolled out across the diocese. A film of one these MACs which was held in Neath in the summer was shown, in which the Revd Zoe King said the general feeling was one of hope.

Llandaff resources officer Richard Jones said that to grow and be successful did not necessarily mean doing more.

“The question is not just about getting more – it is to being more. Our attitudes and structures need to bear that in mind. Ministry areas can mean different things in different areas of the diocese and that is fine,” said Mr Jones.(pictured below)Richard Jones

Three different worship sessions were held during the 24-hour conference using the You Cubes which had been decorated by all six dioceses. They were turned into a place of refuge before forming an altar for the closing Eucharist.(see pictures below) Music which accompanied the worship sessions was led by the Revd Jan Gould of Ely.(below in pink)Revd Jan Gould

Lena Lacey-HughesAltar made from You CubesTime Is Now,1