Diocesan press releases

Celebrating the value of Trust

A special day to celebrate the value of Trust was held recently at All Saints Church in Wales Primary School in Barry.

Mums, dads, grans and grandads were invited back to school to join pupils and staff in a fun packed day of activities.

Clare Lewis Headteacher explained, “School family members joined children in completing activities, which demonstrated our trust of each other and how we can improve our relationships with trust.”

Activities included children and adults being blindfolded whilst they trusted other people to lead them around the playground and over different obstacles.

In some classrooms balloons where given to friends to see if they could trust each other to look after them for a day.  In others, cubes were made with the images of people that were trusted to remind pupils of the Values day.

“We also undertook discussions about how we can gain or lose the trust of friends and family through our behaviour. Pupils and parents were also led through some through some challenging activities on the field.

“It was a wonderful day and a real privilege to see families working together to inspire our pupils.  At All Saints Primary School we understand the importance of family taking an active role in our pupils lifelong learning,” added Mrs Lewis.

The next Values day will take place on Thursday, May 25, when forgiveness will be celebrated.