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Young, Free and Religious

Young people from different religions across Cardiff are invited to a special event this weekend to explore what it means to be a young person of faith in the city today.

One of first multicultural and multi-religious communities in the country, Tiger Bay has changed much over the years, although different cultures and religions still sit side by side.

Celebrating Interfaith Week, the South Cardiff Interfaith Network is collaborating with Wales Millennium Centre’s Tiger Bay Presents, a fringe festival programme celebrating the city’s most multicultural corner.

Young, Free and Religious is an event with young people at its heart. Taking place on Sunday November 12th at 6pm at the Wales Millennium Centre, the event will give a space to young people to express and explore what it means to be a young person of faith in Cardiff today.

There will be a ‘Human Library’ with young people poised to talk openly about their faith, tell their stories, and engage with one another in a spirit of openness and friendship. There will also be food to taste and savour, as well as traditional clothing, musical expressions, and items and artefacts to talk about and explore. With an interactive quiz and interviews, presentations and podcasts, there will be an opportunity for all those who attend the event to listen to the experiences of young people, ask questions and share their own stories, and feed into future opportunities for working together.

Father Dean Atkins, Chair of the South Cardiff Interfaith Network, said, “We are inviting young people from different religions across Cardiff to express and explore what it means to be a young person of faith in Cardiff today. The event has been planned and shaped by young people, and we hope that it will be a springboard to other initiatives. We are proud of our multicultural and multi-religious community in this part of Cardiff. We want to celebrate this, and the importance of faith to young people.”


The event is open to anyone of any age. If you would like to attend the event on November 12th at the Wales Millennium Centre then simply turn up.

If you are a young person who would like to participate in the planning and delivery of the event then please contact Fr Dean Atkins (see details below)


Fr Dean Atkins

Mobile: 07811 660232

Email: datkins16@btinternet.com

Interfaith Week takes place between Sunday 12 November and Sunday 19 November.

For more information about Interfaith Week, visit www.interfaithweek.org

For information about the Wales Millennium Centre’s Tiger Bay Fringe Festival, visit: www.wmc.org.uk/WhatsOn/tigerbaypresents/