Craft club knit poppy tree

Crafty ladies in a Cardiff church have created a poppy tree to mark the centenary of the end of World War One.

The craft group at the Church of the Resurrection, Ely, have knitted several hundred poppies in three colours for the display.

As well as the traditional red poppies they have included white ones as a symbol of pacifism and purple ones in memory of the animals killed in the conflict.

The tree is part of a Remembrance display in the church’s memorial chapel.

Knitting the poppies has been a labour of love, says the Revd Anne Swann, a member of the craft group. “We have about a dozen members in the group, ranging in age from late 60s to early 90s and everyone has worked furiously on this project. We have also had lots of contributions from people outside of the group. I think people feel they are doing their bit for the community to pay tribute to those who died.”