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Making Welsh Visible in your Church

A new booklet giving top tips on ‘Making Welsh Visible’ in our churches has been issued to parishes in the Llandaff Diocese.

Written and produced by the Revd Dyfrig Lloyd, the diocesan language officer, it includes practical suggestions on how to include Welsh on church noticeboards, service booklets, posters and websites.

Here he introduces his new booklet in English and

in Welsh

The easy-to-follow resource booklet contains illustrated examples, translations of useful key words plus a list of resources for use with children and youth work.

As the Revd Lloyd explains in his covering letter, which was this month sent out with the booklet to parishes in the diocese, one of the objectives in the Diocesan Vision is ‘to improve how we express being a bi-lingual church’.

“Welsh can be seen everywhere from supermarkets to schools, from road signs to posters placed in local libraries. As more institutions within both the public and private sector adopt and implement Welsh language polices and schemes, the visibility of Welsh has become more prominent in everyday life.

“The booklet I have produced ‘Making Welsh Visible in your Church’ gives some practical suggestions on how to include Welsh on church noticeboards, service booklets, posters and websites, thereby making Welsh visible within the church across the diocese.”

Tips include:

  • Church signage – if your church noticeboard is only in English, when you next come to replace it, think about including some Welsh
  • Visible Welsh within church – having a Welsh bible (s) in the back of the church or in the pews and include some Welsh in the pew sheet/ service booklets
  • Newsletters/parish magazines/website/advertising – include some Welsh


Parishes were also sent the latest edition of the Church in Wales Welsh Language Scheme, which the Revd Lloyd suggests as a good starting point for those considering creating a language policy/scheme for their parish/ministry area.

“The idea is simply to keep the Welsh language in mind when planning the ministry and mission of the church, and to have a ‘positive and imaginative approach to extend the use of the Welsh language in the life of your parish/ministry area’,” added Revd Lloyd.

The Venerable Peggy Jackson, Archdeacon of Llandaff said, “Dyfrig has given us a really helpful booklet here, especially for those of us who don’t find Welsh easy but want to follow the spirit of making Welsh visible. This is a great guide for some easy ways in which we can all play our part and improve how we express the bi-lingual nature of the Church in Wales.”

The Diocesan Vision is to be launched at the beginning of Lent with a series of talks delivered by Bishop June and the three archdeacons. The four-part Lent course is to be given throughout the diocese as plans and hopes for the future are set out and discussed.

  • If you need any help, advice or further resources to help make Welsh visible in your church, please contact Revd Lloyd on 029 2056 6001, email dyfriglloyd@hotmail.com