Diocesan press releases

Shoe shine for Easter

Clergy in Llantwit Major will be bringing the Easter story to life with a modern twist by cleaning shoes in the town centre tomorrow.

As Jesus washed the feet of his disciplines, clergy from churches in the area will be carrying out their own take on this by cleaning the shoes of passers-by. They will be in the precinct in the middle of the town from 11am until 1pm. (April 17)

Canon Edwin Counsell, Rector of Llantwit Major said, “We can deal with black or brown shoes, as well as suede, although if anyone turns up in trainers they’ll probably just get a wipe with a damp cloth. We’re hoping nobody turns up in wellies!

“As Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, we are doing a modern twist on this. We wanted to do something practical and in keeping with the theme of Holy Week. Going out into the town centre is a reminder of our call to serve the people of our town, and offering to clean their shoes is a simple act of kindness and service.”

Clergy in the area will be washing feet for real in their liturgy on Maundy Thursday.

  • On Good Friday, hundreds of people are expected to join the two-mile “walk of witness” through the streets of Barry to mark Christ’s journey to the cross. They will follow a 10ft wooden cross and stop at points of prayer and hear readings from the Bible about Christ’s crucifixion.