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VIDEO: Mother’s Union Worldwide president visits South Wales

A visit to HM Parc Prison Bridgend and a traditional Welsh hymn singing Cymanfa Ganu are on the agenda for Mother’s Union Worldwide President Sheran Harper’s visit to the Diocese of Llandaff on Friday 6 September.

Sheran’s visit to HM Parc Prison, Bridgend will include a tour of the creche and play area, which is supervised by Llandaff Mother’s Union. Members of the Mother’s Union visit people in prison, and support families whose lives are impacted by imprisonment. Emotional support to service veterans who are inmates and who may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress is also provided by members.

A Cymanfa Ganu – a traditional Welsh hymn singing event – has also been arranged to provide Sheran with a warm Welsh welcome. The Cymanfa Ganu begins at 4.00pm at St David’s Church, Neath and will include many favourite Welsh hymns. Sheran will share her Mothers’ Union journey in Guyana and the inspirational work undertaken in the name of Mothers’ Union. There will be an opportunity to meet and talk to the Worldwide President over refreshments after the service.

Sue Rivers, Mother’s Union President for the Diocese of Llandaff say, “We are delighted to be welcoming the Worldwide President of Mother’s Union to our wonderful diocese. We have been busy preparing for Sheran’s visit and we are eager to share the wonderful, inspiring work we undertake in the name of Mothers’ Union.”

Sheran will also visit the Away From It All caravan in Trecco Bay, Porthcawl. This project helps families who are experiencing stress and hard times enjoy a holiday and spend quality time building their relationship.

About Sheran Harper

Sheran Harper was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in Guyana where she studied at the University of the West Indies School of Physical Therapy. She undertook her Clinical Practice at Guy’s Hospital in London and then worked with the Ministry of Health in Guyana where she opened and managed new physiotherapy departments in hospitals throughout the country and lectured on the Rehabilitation Therapists Programme. She stopped working in this area 17 years ago to focus on her calling of serving Mothers’ Union.