Diocesan press releases

Communities must remain at the heart of all we do, says Bishop June

Focusing on the needs of our communities will ensure the church remains relevant, said Bishop June during her Presidential Address to Diocesan Conference, “We have a presence in every community, large or small, which is massively appreciated. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for the small miracles we achieve.”

However, warned Bishop June, we cannot afford to be complacent. Growing faith in a world that is becoming increasingly secular requires us to embrace a bold new adventure. The needs of our communities must take priority over everything else.

“Trust me here. If we think less about the burdens related to keeping buildings going and refocus on what our communities need then burdens become lighter and the resources will be there.”

2020 Climate Change Challenge

Bishop June’s address, which can be read in full below, also talked about climate change and the need for Christian’s to take seriously our role as stewards of creation. The Bishop set out her 2020 Climate Change Challenge, “Let’s aim to have every church in our diocese achieve Eco Church status!” You’ll hear more about our 2020 Climate Change Challenge over the next few weeks.

Are you up for a green challenge? Read more about Eco Churches here.

Read Bishop June’s Presidential Address: Presidential Address at Diocesan Conference 2019.

Communication strategy and our future plans

At Diocesan Conference we also talked about our future plans to further inspire faith with the help of our diocesan vision, and we unveiled our first ever communications strategy. A summary of the conference can be read in Llandaff Matters, our brand new eNewsletter.