In Pictures: Year of Pilgrimage launch service

It was standing room only at Llandaff Cathedral as hundreds of pilgrims from across the diocese arrived for the launch of our Year of Pilgrimage.

Using quotes from Bishop June’s uplifting and joyful sermon alongside photos taken by our diocesan pilgrims, we share with you the start of a journey of faith.

“What we launch today is not simply a year of good events, events that will come and go. This is a year when we discover how to deliver something which I hope endures, a habit of reaching out, of proclaiming our vision that faith matters: that we tell a joyful story, grow the kingdom of God in our local communities, and that we learn the habit of building what is good for ourselves and for others.”

“We are people of joy and proclamation. In all the challenges we face we want to go into the next 100 years of the life of the Church in Wales with confidence in God and who we know Him to be.”

“The very fact that in 2020 we’re celebrating the centenary of the Church in Wales as an independent Anglican Province and 900 years of the foundation of our Cathedral shows how the Diocese of Llandaff has long waved the flag of faith. We’re proud of that continuity which we sustain, and we pass it on to future generations.”

“I believe walking together within the boundaries of our Diocese – whatever that means for us physically or spiritually – will change us; deepen our faith, make us more prayerful, bolder and more trusting in our Lord and Saviour. May we be changed by travelling together in the days ahead.”

“Christians are people of exploration. We are always searching for God’s intention, God’s wisdom and sometimes that isn’t about changing the context in which we live but it is about seeing it through the perspective of faith.”

“Let us pray together, have fun together, share burdens, tackle projects, be up to something, tell the world how good it is to be a Christian. And then let us invite others to know Jesus and change the world with us. Let us be valiant, constant and strong in the power of God’s might. Let us labour night and day to be a pilgrim.”

Find faith this Year of Pilgrimage

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