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BLOG: What are you meant to be doing? #ItsYourCall

There’s a profound sense of joy in discovering your purpose in life. Teachers, Nurses, Doctors… these are all common vocations whereby people feel a deep sense of calling to serve in these professions. But what if your calling is a little bit different? What if your calling is to serve God?

You’re unlikely to find the answer at a careers fair but you can find the answer in church. In the first of our Year of Pilgrimage blog series, Revd David Morris, Director of Ordinands, tells us why 2020 is the perfect time to discover your calling.

“Because discernment is a journey of faith, our Year of Pilgrimage is the ideal time to explore vocation. It is a journey where we delve deep into our interior life and discover how God can use all that we are – our strengths, weaknesses, experience, vulnerabilities, gifts and talents – to grow his kingdom and make his love known.

I felt called to priesthood at 14 years old. Serving God is truly humbling experience and I know that making God’s love known in the world has a profound and lasting impact on people’s lives. Each day I am called to serve and to love – it’s a vocation like no other.

Taking that first step

The first step to realising your calling is to speak to your local priest or chaplain. New vocations emerge largely from one place, the pews! Our churches, schools and chaplaincies are seed beds of God given potential, and we’re here to help all the baptised to realise their potential. We encourage growth in discipleship. We are responsible for the nurture of your calling. We enable others to achieve their full potential.

Your local priest is supported by myself, a vocations advocate and a team of vocations advisors. We visit parishes on Sundays to preach about the joy of discovering God’s call. We are more than happy to speak about vocation and ministry to youth groups, church, meetings, schools, Deanery Conferences, Mothers’ Union branches and so on.

It takes courage to realise your purpose in life, and we will be with you every step of the way. This Year of Pilgrimage, place yourself in God’s hands and discover your vocation.

If you feel called to serve God speak to your local priest or chaplain today.

The Vocations Team were commissioned on Sunday 12 January at the launch of the Year of Pilgrimage. Their mission is to support the parishes to discern vocations and support individuals to realise their calling. Read more about the vocations here