Diocesan press releases

Coronavirus: updated guidance from Church in Wales

Thursday 13 March 2020.

Updated guidance from Church in Wales includes advice about sharing the Peace and administering Holy Communion. Read the full guidance on their website.

  • Public administration of the chalice should cease in the Church in Wales until further notice. The Chalice must continue to be prepared and consecrated
    in the usual way, but the celebrant alone should receive from the Chalice.
  • Physical sharing of the Peace should be discontinued until further notice. Non-physical means of exchanging the Peace are encouraged – such as saying ‘peace be with you’, preferably whilst making eye contact.
  • The collection plate should not be circulated around the congregation, although other methods of making a collection, such as digital giving, which do not require the circulation of a plate or bag, may be used.

Perhaps this Sunday you could sign Peace be With You… Learn how below.


Pray for all who suffer, including at this particular time those infected by the new coronavirus around the world, for those who care for them, for health specialists and authorities who are combating the spread of infection, and of course for all who at this time are feeling anxious, especially for those with friends and family in areas most at risk.