Parish Resources


As Christians we are called by God to give and live generously. This will enable God’s work to happen, both in your local community, and church and wider world too. Christians have a distinctive understanding of giving and sharing; it shapes and changes how we live and informs our decisions and actions; giving is at the heart of faith.

Giving for Life resources assist parishes with a suite of resources for parishes to use which nurture generosity with our diocese. The resources follow an 8 point plan:

  1. Preach and teach regularly about giving in the context of discipleship.
  2. Clearly communicate that giving to the church enables the mission and ministry that flows from it.
  3. Hold some form of annual review of giving. Personal and church finances work on an annual basis, and so it is good to help people review their giving once a year.
  4. Say Thank You. This values givers, and provides another opportunity to see how their giving supports the work of the church.
  5. Agree a legacy policy and communicate this to the congregation
  6. Claim Gift Aid regularly, including the Small Donations Scheme
  7. Use the Parish Buying Service to help the church take advantage of its scale.
  8. Use the Gift Direct Scheme

Further diocesan resources can be found by clicking here.

Becoming a generous people, a CinW publication also provides further useful information.

Grants & Funding

Help is available for you and your church to target funding for projects – either for mission or for capital works:

  1. Mission Fund
  2. Churches and Pastoral Committee Grants
  3. Community Development Fund
  4. Grant Finder
  5. Insurance excess – Multiple Claims

For further information and application forms click here


Some useful finance topics to assist parishes:

  1. Accounts and Budgeting
  2. Employing People
  3. Clergy Expenses
  4. Charity Registration
  5. VAT