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Where Faith Matters

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Where Faith Matters is our five year strategy to grow faith and transform our church communities.Because faith matters.Our vision is that all may encounter and know the love of God through truth, beauty and service, living full and rich lives through faith.Transforming lives through living and bearing witness to Jesus Christ is our calling. We seek to do this in a Diocese that is strong, confident, alive and living in faith, engaged with the realities of life and serving others in His name.Our profound belief in the sovereignty of God means that we will look to continue Christ’s church and mission by telling the joyful story of Jesus, growing the Kingdom of God by empowering all to participate and building the future in hope and love.Our shared aimsTelling a joyful story.Growing the Kingdom of God.Building our capacity for good.

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Introducing Where Faith Matters

Bishop June introduces Where Faith Matters. Recorded during Lent 2019.

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Telling a joyful story

Rev Christopher Smith tells us more about the first of three shared aims, Telling a Joyful Story.

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Growing the Kingdom of God

The Venerable Peggy Jackson, Archdeacon of Llandaff, explains our strategy for growing the kingdom of God.

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Building Our Capacity For Good

Archdeacon Mike Komor explains how we're building our capacity for good.

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