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Find a Welsh Anglican church near you.Whether you are a visitor, a holiday maker, a local or you've just moved to the area, you are always welcome at one of our churches.

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Search for churches of the Church of Wales

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Edit your church's profileMinistry Area Leaders, vicars or a nominated volunteer can edit a church's profile. Providing accurate and up to date information about services, contact details and social media account can help people discover your church.1, Find your church or churches using the search bar above.2, Click on your church.3, Under the map click Request Changes to this Page.4, Complete the forms and follow the instructions.5, Repeat for each of the sections (left hand menu).Make sure you click Submit for each page.

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Discover our churches

Discover our churches

Our church buildings are a nationally important part of our heritage. A village, town or city's church is often its oldest building still in continual use, as well as its largest and most visited building. Churches are also often an area's most architecturally complex and archaeologically sensitive buildings. Constructed to the glory of God, for worship and mission and for use by the community, they remain some of Wales' most iconic structures.

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