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Bishop June Osborne

We are committed to ensuring the Diocese of Llandaff is a safe and caring environment, where children, young people and adults are nurtured and protected; and where all people, and especially those who may be vulnerable, are able to worship, work and volunteer in safety.We aim to protect our clergy, staff, and volunteers from harm by ensuring we stringently follow safeguarding procedures.By working together, we can keep each other and our church communities safe.

Welsh content

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On this pageReporting safeguarding concernsMy Church People dashboardSafeguarding training

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Reporting safeguarding concerns

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The Church in Wales Provincial Safeguarding team provides comprehensive support, advice and guidance for Bishops, Clergy and lay people in churches, Parishes and Ministry Areas on all matters relating to the Church in Wales policy on safeguarding of children, young people and adults at risk.For more information and to report a safeguarding concern, please visit Safeguarding Officer for Llandaff and MonmouthFay Howe,, 07840 843244

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My Church People dashboard

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As part of its response to the recommendations of the IICSA inquiry, the Church in Wales is introducing a new DBS dashboard which is being piloted in the Diocese of Llandaff. My Church People is a dashboard with DBS and safeguarding training information about your staff and volunteers, and will help ensure that all of our Ministry Areas and churches are compliant with the latest safeguarding and DBS requirements.Each Ministry Area will have access to My Church People dashboard which provides DBS information at a glance about your staff and volunteers. Users will find information about people in your Ministry Area, such as:Who has a valid DBS.Whose DBS is due soon.Who has no DBS.Whose role does not require one.Attendance at safeguarding training.The dashboard is fully automated, meaning that it will trigger a reminder when:When a DBS check is dueWhere one is neededWho needs to attend three yearly safeguarding refresher training.This will make it easier for you to monitor compliance and will ensure that DBS checks have not been missed or forgotten. My Church People gives you peace of mind knowing that vital DBS checks have not been missed or forgotten.My Church People makes safeguarding and DBS checks simpler and easier to administer. Most importantly, the dashboard will ensure that all Ministry Areas and local churches are compliant with Church in Wales procedures.Launching the DBS DatabaseWe begin piloting My Church People across the diocese from Tuesday 26 April. We will be sharing more information about the dashboard with Ministry Areas in the next few weeks, including training videos and how to guides.Sign up to Llandaff Matters, our weekly newsletter, to keep up to date with the latest safeguarding information.

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Using My Church People

Rhondda are the first Ministry Area to use My Church People.Fr Philip Leyshon, Ministry Area Leader, tells us how they have been using My Church People to keep their community safe.

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Safeguarding training

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Module B: Understanding Safeguarding in the ChurchThis training is for everyone who works in the Church (paid, voluntary, clergy and lay). It is divided into two sessions, and both need to be completed to finish the module.Part 11 June: Church in Wales Boardroom, Callaghan Square, Cardiff. 13:00-15:307 June: St David’s Church Hall, Pencoed. 10:00-12:3029 June: Church in Wales Boardroom, Callaghan Square, Cardiff. 13:30-16:0030 July: St German Church Hall, Roath. 9:30-12:005 July: Nolton Hall, Bridgend. 13:00-15:30Part 215 June: Church in Wales Boardroom, Callaghan Square, Cardiff. 13:00-15:3021 June: St David’s Church Hall (LPH Parish), Pencoed. 10:00-12:3030 July: St German Church Hall, Roath. 13:00-15:3013 July: Church in Wales Boardroom, Callaghan Square, Cardiff. 13:00-15:3019 July: Nolton Hall, Bridgend. 13:00-15:30To book your place email