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‘Bishop’ comes from the Greek word for ‘overseer’. So a bishop is a senior Christian minister authorised to have oversight for God’s people. As well as duties given to deacons and priests, bishops confirm and ordain.


‘Diocese’ refers to the geographical territory in which a bishop exercises oversight. The Church in Wales is divided into six dioceses each with its own cathedral in which is housed the cathedra (the bishop’s ‘chair’ or ‘throne’).

Holy Communion

At Holy Communion blessed bread and wine is shared, by which we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The congregation gives thanks for Jesus’ life, his death and resurrection and his continuing presence. See also Eucharist.

Llandaff Centre of Mission

A partnership between the Diocese of Llandaff and Church Army.

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Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility.

Safeguarding means preventing harm to children and adults at risk by protecting them from abuse or neglect. The Church in Wales is committed to safeguarding as an integral part of its life, mission and ministry and as such, we will:

  • Promote the wellbeing of children and adults at risk
  • Raise awareness of safeguarding within the Church
  • Work to prevent abuse or harm from occurring
  • Seek to protect and respond well to those that have been abused.

Please visit the safeguarding pages on our provincial website to access all the Church in Wales Safeguarding information and resources including:

Reporting a concern
Contact details for the team
Training information
Safeguarding policies and guidance
Information for Survivors

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Reporting safeguarding concerns

The Church in Wales Provincial Safeguarding team provides comprehensive support, advice and guidance for Bishops, Clergy and lay people in churches, Parishes and Ministry Areas on all matters relating to the Church in Wales policy on safeguarding of children, young people and adults at risk.

For more information and to report a safeguarding concern, click here.

Provincial Safeguarding Officer for Llandaff and Monmouth

Fay Howe, fayhowe@churchinwales.org.uk, 07840 843244 (Mon,Tue, Wed)

Safeguarding Manager

Wendy Lemon, wendylemon@churchinwales.org.uk, 07392319064​

Safeguarding Training

The dates for safeguarding training in the Llandaff Diocese between September-November are available.

The dates can also be viewed here: Safeguarding training in Llandaff - The Church in Wales

And the dates for the online sessions can be viewed here: Safeguarding training via Zoom - The Church in Wales

The online Module A, Safeguarding awareness course must be completed first.

Module A: ​Safeguarding Awareness Course​

The Church in Wales Safeguarding Awareness Course is aimed at all of us within our church communities, and is intended to equip you to help make the church – and keep the church – a safe place. The church should be a community that is welcoming and hospitable to all. We believe that if it isn’t safe, it isn’t Church.

Course Time: 45 mins.

Module A in person:

22/06/2024 Saturday 11.30am St. Illtyds,
Church Village
CF38 1EB A

Module B

It is a requirement that all clergy, churchwardens, licensed readers, vergers, Ministry Area Council members, Ministry Area safeguarding officers and anyone who has a role which involves working with children, young people and adults at risk complete Module B Understanding safeguarding in the Church. The training needs to be renewed every three years. Module B will take about 2½ hours to complete.

21/05/2024 Tuesday 10.00am Holy Cross,
CF71 7BB B
22/06/2024 Saturday 1.00pm St. Illtyds,
Church Village
CF38 1EB B
04/07/2024 Thursday 10.00am St Marks, Gabalfa CF14 3BL B

Module C

Safeguarding and Leadership is for MA Leaders, Safeguarding Officers, Chairs and Members it will help individuals to enhance their understanding of safeguarding practices and guidance. There will be an opportunity to consider how healthy Church communities should look, whilst focusing on good safeguarding behaviours and their impact. Module C will take about 3 hours to complete.

21/05/2024 Tuesday 1.00pm Holy Cross,
CF71 7BB C
26/09/2024 Thursday 1.00pm St Luke’s Church,
CF37 5LH C

Module E

Safeguarding for PTO's is for all those who hold permission to officiate. Module E will take about 2 hours to complete.

My Church People dashboard

My Church People

As part of its response to the recommendations of the IICSA inquiry, the Church in Wales has implemented MyChurchPeople, the new Safeguarding dashboard in the Diocese of Llandaff. Containing up-to-date DBS and safeguarding training information about your staff and volunteers as well as reminders when a new check is due and the ability to initiate a check online, this will help ensure that all of our Ministry Areas and churches are compliant with the latest safeguarding and DBS requirements. All Ministry Area Leaders and Safeguarding Officers should have received log in details and training on how to use the dashboard. If you have not, or if you have any further queries, please email My Church People mychurchpeople@cinw.org.uk

My Church People makes safeguarding and DBS checks simpler and easier to administer. Most importantly, the dashboard will ensure that all Ministry Areas and local churches are compliant with Church in Wales procedures.

College of Safeguarding Officers

We provide specialist training and support to Safeguarding Officers from the Diocesan Office and fellow Safeguarding Officers through the College of Safeguarding Officers which meets online and in person throughout the year. If you are a Safeguarding Officer and you've not received an email communication from the Bishop’s Office please make contact with Abi Heatley, the Diocesan Safeguarding Administrator, on 01656 868868 or diocese.llandaff@churchinwales.org.uk.