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Anglicans form the family of Christians closely related to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Whilst tracing their inheritance back to Christ and the earliest Christians and to the ancient Roman Catholic church, the sixteenth century Reformation was a crucial moment for Anglicanism.

Llandaff Centre of Mission

A partnership between the Diocese of Llandaff and Church Army.


Prayer sustains our human relationship with God and may involve words (formal or informal) or be silent. Prayer can involve adoration (‘I love you’), confession (‘sorry’), thanksgiving and supplication (‘please’).


‘Theology’ means literally ‘words about God’. Christian theology involves our trying to understand and explain what God has revealed about himself through Scripture. This work is aided by the writings of past and present theologians and human reason.

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Mission Resources

Dear All,

We, the Growth Enablers, are delighted to support and resource churches looking to grow in numbers and faith.

Our support to a Ministry Area never looks the same twice because every church is different! When we work with a church, we aim to understand its history, context and current challenges and goals to be able to give the best possible advice on the right resources and mission strategies for you. We then journey alongside you to get everything up and running.

As part of the Integrated Mission Team, we will help you look at reaching out into your wider communities. This could be planting a new ‘flock’ in a new or existing building, facilitating training, or finding new ways to nurture faith in the community with ‘enquirer’ courses (see below). Perhaps you need some ideas on how to expand your church’s invitation and hospitality, grow a prayer group, start a Messy or Muddy Church, run a community event, or maybe you have an idea for something completely different that’s not been done before.

Why not have a look at our videos and get in touch to book a “Taste and See” session, at your premises to explore how we can work with you.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Angela Clarke

Lead Growth Enabler on behalf of the Growth Enabler Team: Angela, Laura, Debbie and Joe

Explore Faith Resources

The Growth Enablers would love to help Ministry Areas establish a course for people curious about exploring Christianity. The selection the resources they have available cover a range of Anglican theological stances and worship styles to suit your community. Find out more in the video below...

Taking the Plunge

Does your Ministry Area want to encourage people dipping their toes in to the wonderful world of the Church? Growth Enablers are on hand to help take the plunge! Dive into this video to find out more...

Prayer and Reflection Resources

Do you have a prayerful Ministry Area who want something new? Or do you want to encourage your Ministry Area in further developing prayer life? Then explore these resources with the Growth Enablers. Watch this video to find out more...

Journey On

Do you want a way to help people in their next steps of faith? Our Growth Enablers may be able to help with their 'Journey On' resources. Find out more in the video below...

Meet the Growth Enablers

Angela Clarke

Growth Enabler Lead

Email: angelaclarke@cinw.org.uk

Tel: 07903023945

Debbie Orriss

Church Army

Email: debbieorriss@cinw.org.uk

Tel: 07903023950

Joe Engle

Email: josephengle@cinw.org.uk

Tel: 07061664659