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Young Faith Matters (YFM)

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Goal of the YFM Team

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Our YFM aim is to encourage, enable and empower children and youth ministries across the Diocese to be confident, growing and sustainable

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Read the Diocesan Vision for Children and Youth Ministry

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For School Based Activities

Resources for Children and Youth Ministry in School

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For Church Based Activities

Resources for Children and Youth Ministry in Church

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For You

Resources for Children and Youth Workers, Leaders and Volunteers

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Partner With Us

An opportunity for the YFM team to identify current practice and future needs, designed for Ministry Area's to fill out. Once completed a member of the YFM who acts as your point of contact will be in touch to explore in further detail how the team can support CYM within your MA.

Partner with us

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YFM Podcast

The YFM podcast 'It's Not Easy: The Challenge of Youth Discipleship' invites guests on for real talk about youth ministry. Available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Meet the Team

Every member of the Young Faith Matters and Education teams would love to help you. Find all their details below.General enquiries: us on IG: youngfaithmatters

Meet the Team

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The diocesan Young Faith Matters (YFM) team presented to the Church in Wales Evangelism Fund in June 2022. The highlights of their bid are available to read in the document below.

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Read the document