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Young Faith Matters (YFM)

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The goal of the YFM Team

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EquipOffer training, resources, networking, and opportunities to be equipped for developing and reaching their youth ministry goals.EnableSupport and facilitate projects and events which help each church reach their goals for their youth ministry.EmpowerThat after working with the YFM team, the church would be empowered to continue the work that was started.

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YFM Support & Guidance for Children & Youth Ministry (CYM)

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The YFM team offer a range of support and guidance to Ministry Areas (MAs). This includes our 'Partner with us' form and our 5 types of resources:Partner with us – An opportunity for the YFM team to identify current practice and future needs, designed for Ministry Area's to fill out. Once completed a member of the YFM who acts as your point of contact will be in touch to explore in further detail how the team can support CYM within your MA.Party – This resource provides how-to guides and YFM reports of events run by MA's that can help support others with their own events. It will also be used as an opportunity to advertise up and coming events taking place across the Diocese that support CYM.Play – Our play resource details activities that can be used as session plans for kids church, school engagement and exploring different aspects of our faith such as prayer. We utilise how-to guides and reports and signpost external organisations. The important thing to remember here is the activities in this resource have a definitive start and end point.Preparation – Our hope is to identify and provide training from the YFM team, other MA's and the Diocese's partners to support professional development within CYM. This could be from safeguarding to how to disciple a youth group.Programmes – Unlike play, programmes have the goal of once being setup they continue indefinately, things including: Kids Church, Youth Groups and family services. Again, how-to guides and reports will be produced to help the implementation of programmes in MA's.Provision – This is a catalogue of physical resources that can be borrowed from the Diocese.

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Meet the Team

Youth Evangelism LeadSteve LockEmail:

Youth Evangelism Enabler Simon EvansEmail:

Youth Evangelism Enabler Sam RobinsonEmail:

Church Army - Pioneer EvangelistMeg BorgesEmail:

Lead Children's AdvisorAngela CooperEmail:

Education Support OfficerDeborah GriffithsEmail:

Church Army - Lead EvangelistAndy SettleEmail:

Youth Evangelism Enabler Emilia StevensonEmail:

Youth Evangelism Enabler Philip BurmanEmail:

Diocesan YFM LeadPaul BoothEmail:

Diocesan Education LeadRebecca MorteoEmail:

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General enquiries: us on IG: youngfaithmatters