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DAC and Faculties

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The faculty system

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Church Buildings Portal - online faculty system and guidance notes

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Before making any changes or repairs to your church building check whether permission is required. You can do this via the Online Faculty System (OFS).The OFS has three options:List A applications will cover routine maintenance or minor like-for-like repairs and require no formal permission to proceed, although both the DAC Secretary and the Diocesan Registrar are notified.List B applications will cover straightforward works (e.g. replacing an existing boiler) that have little or no impact on the historic fabric of the church or churchyard. They are reviewed by a DAC member and require the permission of the Diocesan Registrar before they can proceed.Full faculty applications go to a DAC meeting where the application will be discussed and commented on. If your church is a listed building the relevant Local Authority and the Amenity Societies are also consulted. Following the DAC meeting, the application moves to the Registrar for the next stage who in turn will submit to the Chancellor for a final decision, all via the OFS.Registering OnlineYou will need to register on the system in order to apply for a faculty.Follow our step-by-step guide to making an online full faculty applicationMake sure you've uploaded all the necessary information - there's a check list here Supporting Documentation for Faculty Applications.docxA Ministry Area Council Resolution supporting the faculty application will be needed.Churches have the option of either submitting a full set of MAC Minutes or the relevant extract in support of a faculty application.In either case the Minutes must be signed, and must also refer to the fact that a resolution to apply for a faculty was put to the MAC and passed. It is not sufficient for the MAC just to have discussed the need for a faculty.Upload the MAC Resolution to the ‘Supporting Documents’ section of the application.If you are still unsure of anything or need help with the application then please contact Martyn Jones, our DAC Secretary.07494 222688 or

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The DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee)

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Each diocese has a Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC), which advises the Chancellor of the Diocese on faculty applications. The DAC includes members with expertise in particular areas relating to church buildings, such as architecture, organs, archaeology, etc. The DAC is always willing to give advice to parishes prior to their making applications for a faculty.LLANDAFF DAC MEMBERSMr Christopher Catling (Chair)The Archdeacon of LlandaffThe Archdeacon of MargamMs Tracey Connelly - Local Authority representativeMr Stefan Horowskyj - ArchitectCanon Steven KirkMrs Judith Leigh FSA - Amenity SocietiesCanon Philip MassonMrs Amanda Needham - ArchitectProfessor Denys Pringle FSA - ArchaeologyDAC ADVISORSDr Martin Crampin - Stained GlassMr Stephen Moore - OrgansMr David Moore - BellsMr Oliver Fairclough - ArtDAC SUPPORTMr Martyn Jones - Church Buildings Officer/DAC SecretaryMrs Sarah Perons - Churches Development OfficerLEGALMrs Harriet Morgan - Diocesan Registrar (Solicitor)H H Judge Andrew Keyser QC - Chancellor of the DioceseDAC MEETINGSOnce your application has been submitted and checked to confirm that sufficient information has been provided it will be considered by the DAC. DAC meetings take place at regular intervals throughout the year. The agenda and PDF applications are circulated to members 7 days before a meeting.The dates for 2022 are:Tuesday 7th JuneTuesday 12th JulyTuesday 13th SeptemberTuesday 25th OctoberTuesday 6th December

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